Bitcoin Vanity Addresses

You can now obtain your own bitcoin vanity address to use with your Bifubao account! A vanity address is a custom bitcoin address that includes a custom piece of text embedded in it as a prefix. The following are examples of vanity addresses:

  • 1BifubaoCT6C7teCt4EtDHXiTYyQUZAPkZ
  • 1Love1bUmhSoTXozBRBEtRe8LeF9TGbZBN
  • 12345678Xge3bCCWyLxV86hPStT4EUAWT7

People can send you bitcoins directly to this address, and it will show up on your Bifubao account. We’ve set aside a few dedicated miners to calculate these addresses, and you can order them right from your account page when creating a new address.

When you purchase a vanity address, we will directly debit your bitcoin account for the cost. The price for each vanity address varies depending on the length and the difficulty of the custom segment that you wish to have. Take a look at the table below, for reference. As the length of the segment increases, the mining power required to calculate this address increases exponentially. We support the custom prefixes of the lengths sent forth below. Keep in mind that the calculation times may vary significantly from the average time! We base the price on RMB, but we will take payment in bitcoins, of course.

Here is our pricing structure:

Prefix Length Average Calculation Time Cost (RMB)
1, 2, 3, 4 less than one minute 6
4 3 minutes 12
5 less than one minute 6
5 3 minutes 48
5 3 hours 196
6 3 minutes 98
6 3 hours 388
6 7 days 1,680
7 3 hours 488
7 7 days 1,880
8 7 days 2,980

last update: 2014-03-26

It looks complicated, but don’t worry - we will calculate the price for you right as you type in your prefix.

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. Each bitcoin address necessarily starts with a 1. The prefix that you choose will show up directly after this 1, like the examples above. We have no way to predict the letters that come after your selected prefix.
  2. Your particular vanity address is unique, but other people could request the same prefix. For example, many people can purchase vanity addresses that start with 1Love. You should still take care to ensure that you are sending or receiving bitcoins to the correct address.
  3. Because of Bitcoin’s address format, only letters and numbers are allowed, and the following characters are prohibited:
    • I (capital letter i)
    • l (lowercase l)
    • O (capital letter o)
    • 0 (the number 0)
  4. These custom addresses are tied to your Bifubao account. You won’t be able to use these addresses with any other wallet.
  5. The purchases are nonrefundable.

We hope you like this new feature!

The Bifubao Team